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We design the strongest programs and Android App for commercial activities and submit them for free for life on the market Google Play market opera to be available to millions of users from all over the Arab world to be downloaded on their mobile phones and browse at any time and at any place without access to the Internet ,
Programs Alandroed considered evidence and applications of a comprehensive definition of commercial activity and services provided by and price lists , special offers and the name and address in detail and photo albums of the products and the web site and e-mail address and other details of a business, is also considered those applications of the best and fastest means of propaganda and publicity for any business
Android App also includes a special section for business personnel and business information and data of their own which is an optional section ,
Work programs and Android App advertising on mobile phones and smart Algelxa and iPad and Tablets ,
And commercial activities , which should have programs and Android applications are:
Malls famous shops and big companies , hotels , tourist restaurants , villages and tourist resorts , public utility companies , tourism companies , Hajj and Umrah , import and export companies , centers and educational institutions , schools and universities, private schools, national and international schools and American schools and language schools famous or that you want to spread the fame and all business activities other than wanting to expand their sales and their customers ,
Features Android App propaganda :
Advertising and publicity FREE lifetime through the presence of applications and programs Alandroed own commercial activities on the site Google Play famous and market opera and thus when users and researchers from the application of Android for commercial activity , whether a store or company be one of the results of the famous search engine Google Play and other appearance of all activities commercial, which have applications and programs listed markets Android available for free download on mobile phones and browsed without the need for the existence of the Internet,
Easy access to the business address and any place or an Arab state where include applications and programs Android propaganda Mobile Map titled activity leads the client through proper until it reaches the business address is required through the opening and operation of the application and program activity on his mobile phone and access to the map of the address private commercial activity - shop or a company - and open and track the movement and walk with them until they reach the title with precision and ease , a service known as GPS or satellite tracking service ,
Of course, any commercial activity distinguished his application Android market Google Play is also available for download for users and thus be applied activity is present on the phone with full details of the activity to surfing the application of the Android private activity - a store or company - later through the iPod or cellphone without having a basis for entry on the Internet and this feature contributes significantly and is already anticipated in the high proportion of sales and customers of the business or the company or the restaurant or other activities ,

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